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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Shocking Pix of Buke Death Ride

Twenty-six months after a tragic accident, Council member Ken Bukowski's SUV still bears the scars of a crash that took the life of 56-year-old Michael Smela, as these shocking exclusive photos show.

Smela was on foot patrolling the 5300 block of Hollis Street for his employer, Novartis, when he was struck and killed. The then mayor was driving home from a city meeting to collect public input on a proposed pedestrian bridge.

Police declined to perform a sobriety test. It was ruled an accident.

The city settled a lawsuit with the stricken man's widow for an undisclosed sum.

A neighbor said seeing the vehicle,"gives me the creeps."
These un-retouched photos were snapped recently outside the blighted Bukowski compound on Doyle Street by our intrepid Emeryville Tattler photographer.


  1. The amount of the settlement to the Smela Family is public record.

  2. Blogging has hit a new low...

  3. Someone should tattle about how you gained access to our secure building to spam my mailbox. Perhaps I'll go into paparazzi mode and give mr Brian Donahue some extra attention...

  4. I gained access to your building at the invitation of one of your neighbors. Let me know your address and unit number and I'll make sure you don't get anymore mailings from me.

  5. When he drives around town, doesn't he know that we know about that huge dent? If I were a politician, I would do anything I could to not remind anyone about it. He just doesn't care.

  6. I've read some of Mr Bukowski"s so called poetry. I thought he drove around in a VW.

  7. Ken Bukowski's poetry is summed up by this dent on his car hood. Charles Bukowski on the other hand, is the late German born beat poet who penned 'Notes of a Dirty Old Man' among other sordid tales from America's underbelly. Ken's poetry is more literal....and more sickening.