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Friday, April 2, 2010

Gun 'Nuts' Reload for Showdown Tuesday

They're Going To Have Every Council Member Removed

High noon will come at precisely 7:15 P.M. Tuesday. That's when the final showdown is scheduled in an epic battle pitting the National Rifle Association, an organization devoted to preserving one of our Constitutionally guaranteed rights, versus the Emeryville city council, a group hell bent on eviscerating that right.

At least that's how NRA members are characterizing the proposed gun store ordinance. The city council, for its part, sees a set of reasonable and rationed regulations similar to rules applied to other businesses. The regulations have the backing of the City Attorney and the Chief of Police.

The proposed ordinance forbids those under age 18 from going inside any store selling firearms in Emeryville, requires criminal background checks of store employees and other limited regulations. Residents at a March 16th council meeting on the subject called the proposed ordinance 'benign' and 'reasonable.' At the same meeting, gun rights advocates chastised the proposal as 'invasive' and 'draconian,' a 'government usurpation of Second Amendment rights.'

The council's second and final reading of the ordinance is scheduled for Tuesday night April 6th. Gun lovers have promised to double their numbers from the first reading (see the Tattler story on March 16). Firearms enthusiasts have threatened, if the council goes through with the ordinance, to unseat every one of our council members either by recall or by getting pro-NRA candidates to replace them in future elections.

The city council will take up the issue at 7:15 Tuesday night.


  1. The reason these guys don't want this thing passed? Because the part that prohibits children from entering the gun store. That means they won't be able to go in there. These gun nuts are infantile.

  2. These gun nuts are purposely obscuring what this ordinance is all about. It's not about the second amendment whatsoever,,,,that's a ruse. It's just about prudent regulation of a business that negatively impacts the community...just like any other business that impacts the community. To not have modest regulation would be to arbitrarily show favortism to this gun store business at the expense of every other regulated business in town. So would these gun nuts have us get rid of all business regulation? Why would we do that?

  3. Explain to me why a person under 18 should be prohibited from going into a gun store, especially when they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. The ordinance is nothing less than another attempt to incrementally erode a law abiding persons free exercise of their second amendment rights. Prohibiting a person under 18 from entering a gun store does nothing to prevent violence, it does nothing to prevent crime and it makes it hard on a parent who wants to get their son or daughter involved in the shooting sports. The ordinance is ridiculous nonsense.