This morning the Emeryville police responded to an unusual call:  "There's someone dressed up as a man's private parts in front of the Pixar entrance."  Police checked out the lone costumed picketer and left the scene to attend to the seminal work of crime fighting.
The individual seeking to gain Pixar's attention distributed business cards reading:

Pixar can you help?
We are a small innovative charity
hoping to inspire your support.
Can you help us?

The charity's website reveals that this is "Mr. Testicles" which is part
of the Male Cancer Awareness Campaign, which seeks to challenge the
"prevailing ‘culture of embarrassment’, that discourages men from
discussing and resolving problems related to intimate parts of their
body." The charity argues that "too many men die of prostate, bowel and
testicular cancer because they do not know how to detect the symptoms in
the early stages, when treatment would be more effective."

Perhaps the funniest call that the EPD will receive today might also be
their most important. Have you or the men in your life been screened?
American Cancer Society provides guidelines on who should be
screened (and when) on their website:
Prostrate Cancer:

Testicular Cancer: