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Friday, May 6, 2011

Kitty's Cabaret License Extended

February Bar Fight Put License In Question
Kitty's Nightclub Is Granted A Reprieve

Kitty's, the popular bar and dance venue on Hollis Street, was granted a reprieve Tuesday night when their cabaret license was conditionally extended by the Emeryville city council, a move that surprised many in town.  The council voted to allow Kitty's to provide disc jockey and live entertainment on the weekends to 8 pm until the bar changes owners in July.

Happier times at Kitty's
Kitty's had been in hot water since the much publicized bar brawl fracas last February when 150 agitated revelers spilled out into the street in a bottle smashing and fisticuffs brandishing melee, overwhelming Emeryville police.  Chief of Police Ken James indicated the EPD ultimately required back-up police services from neighboring towns and even the California Highway Patrol, to quell the tumult.

Mayor Nora Davis raised up a stack of police reports to the City Hall Tuesday night crowd; a litany of calls for service to Kitty's over the last year and exclaimed her patience was being tested before the council vote.  Ms Davis' concerns were mollified by the conditions hammered out,  enough for her to join her colleagues in the 5-0 vote.

Police Chief James testified there have been 58 Kitty's generated calls for service this year including 12 arrest incidents and firearm charges.  Mr James told the Tattler in April last year that Kitty's has been a major source of police over-time adding substantially to the current budget crisis. 

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