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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Secret News Reports Toxic Site Recalcitrance

Re-printed from the Secret News:
August 27, 2011

By Tracy Schroth
Sherwin Williams asks for extended work hours (evenings, Saturdays), while refusing repeated requests for testing

Sherwin Williams has spent the past 45 days cleaning up the mess it made during its heyday decades ago, when it was busy “covering the world.” And it’s quite a mess. More than 8 acres of land at the corner of Sherwin and Horton streets in Emeryville is contaminated with arsenic, lead, and solvents like benzene.
While the clean-up –- reportedly just one-third of the way done –- is good news, the bad news is the clean-up is generating dust – a dust that residents say is sticking to their cars, blowing into their open apartment windows, and leaving a layer of grit on their morning newspapers...
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1 comment:

  1. I guess it is really expensive to test, compared to the massive excavation and construction costs, right?

    Besides, I am sure the dust is harmless. I mean what could possibly be on a website where lead-based paints were probably once manufactured.