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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Letter To The Tattler

Letter To The Tattler:
Center of Community Life School Bonds

Longtime Emeryville resident Shirley Enomoto sends the Tattler the following letter in response to allegations about last November's Measure J school bond.  Ms Enomoto volunteers her time at Anna Yates Elementary School.  Ms Enomoto recently resigned under protest from the Measure J Citizens Oversight Committee (COC) stating the School District is not permitting the committee enough bond money oversight.  The letter is dated today. 

It should surprise no one that the major players in the construction of the Emeryville Center of Community Life (ECCL) donated heavily to Measure J's campaign.  According to the 460 report of campaign contributors submitted by Measure J, the architectural design team Nexus (Concordia, MK Think and DSK) donated $3,000, bond writers Caldwell Flores of Emeryville gave $10,500, its vice-president Greg Kato chipped in $1,000, Turner Construction gave $10,000, Jones Hall, bond counsel gave $5,000, PG&E $5,000 and various construction unions gave from $1,000 to $5,000.

Measure J WAS ambiguous in its wording:  it clearly specified that no administrative salaries would be paid from bond revenues. Yet when this was questioned by the Citizens Oversight Committee, suddenly staff provided an opinion issued by the State Attorney General's office and dated 2004 (!) allowing administrative salaries be paid from bond revenue.  Surely as long time experienced bond writers, Jones Hall and Caldwell Flores were aware of what they were doing and specifically included that statement in the ballot measure to dupe the voters.

To those who may ask what can be done, we can initiate term limits for city council members, vote November 8 and pay more attention to how Emeryville is spending taxpayers money.

Shirley Enomoto


  1. It's interesting to watch the voters of this town complain about everything under the sun that their ELECTED officials do.
    Well, if they are so rotten, why don't you people vote the bums out?
    But I watch at every election where you keep voting them back in, or, in a stroke of genius, electing the worst one yet, Mr. Brinkman, your chance to get someone new, to break the status quo, and what do you do? Vote the biggest douche bag in Alameda county in. Good Job.
    This town deserves every ass-raping it gets at the hands of these crooks.

  2. Every time I hear talk like the above commentor is making, I think back to 2004 (not 2000) when Americans (probably) elected George W Bush. Should people have railed against George W after that election? Well, yes, at least the "99%ers" would be expected to.

    Mr Anonymous, do you think there's a chance some Emeryville politicians lie to the people come election time and do you think perhaps there's not total efficient and accurate information flow to the electorate to keep them well informed? Your answers to these questions should answer your question about residents not throwing the bums out.

  3. I am in favor of term limits. Two terms should be enough.

  4. I am not in favor of term limits, the only people that gain from this action are the long-term lobbyists. The voters are left with a multitude of inexperienced players. Yes, everyone has a learning curve but why get rid of good people who believe in public service? The whole point of a vote is to vote in or out people. Politicians/council members who do not perform services for the residents or who are no longer effective should be voted off the council.