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Friday, November 4, 2011

Letter To The Tattler: Ken Bukowski

Council Member Ken Bukowski Responds
Ken Bukowski responds to comments in the Tattler regarding the Bay Citizen article about him (posted earlier today):

I need to respond to some of the comments.

The question we need to answer is what is best for the community. Do we want to focus on something which happened decades ago or do we want to look at what we have today. Should someone be consistently penalized for telling the truth. Let's take a look at the issues.

I have created a Voter Petition in order to accomplish a set of basic rights for the people in Emeryville.

If we create an Annual Meeting of Residents for accountability and transparency it will take the business community out of power.

The right of the people to organize is very important if we want to maximize the benefits for the people.

We deserve an annual financial report. Residents should evaluate the performance of our city government, at least once each year. If successful we can have the first annual meeting in January 2012.

We need to look at our goals and objectives each year, and we also must look at the mistakes we have made.

For future elections, We need to develop a questionnaire for city council candidates to provide real information to the voters, instead of expensive campaign mailers which provide no real information.

I have stood up for the rights of employees, business people and for the residents. I am not afraid to say NO. That is what is unacceptable.

I sincerely hope we can set negativity aside, and move forward with the ideas in the Voter Petition, especially the Annual Meeting. The most important thing in this election is to give the residents a real voice in City Government long overdue. I plan to use my years of experience to do the best job for you.

Some of the videos on are revealing, please check it out.


  1. This isn't a response. This is changing the subject. This letter doesn't respond to any concerns from the article or the comments. Ken refuses to address his many ethical lapses. It disgraces our community. That's the reason he needs to go.

  2. Paragraph 3, take business people out of the equation. Paragraph 8, stood up for business. Talking out of both sides of his mouth as usual.

  3. Poor guy makes no sense at all. I tried reading paragraph #8 four times. He may have some noble ideas but is completely ineffective in a group. Fortunately we have some fine candidates.

  4. Ken is the only one on the council who shows any concern for the people. The chamber of commerce is mad he refuses to support Nora Davis. Anyone who opposes Davis is the enemy. She is the one who needs to go. The city needs to be more responsive to the residents, instead of corporate interests. It must be clear Jac Asher is not an independent voice. She didn't accept all that money from coroporate interests for no reason..? It is also interesting how Madison Marquette (bay street) spent money on a hit piece after Bukowski said he would not support their continued right to develop more land in Emeryville. Do want developers to engage in smear campaigns on city council members...? I think Ken Bukowski is sincere,and I don't think he is being treated fairly.

  5. Bukowski has my vote. he is the only one on the Council I trust. One can hardly say he is ineffective. Look at all he has done. How many other people are willing to get signatures to put a measure on the ballot to expose corruption in the city attorney's office. The video on about Leslie Pollard is very revealing. No wonder they want him out. Davis has put the word out, anyone who supports Bukowski will be sorry.

  6. That sounds like two anonymous comments from Michael Webber to create the appearance that Bukowski has some support. I surely don't know anyone who is voting for him. I think Webber's vote might be the only one he gets.

  7. Good observation, 9:25.

  8. re Anon at 9:25.

    No. I have never posted anonymously on this website nor on The Secret News.

  9. Ken, you may have done all kinds of great things.
    But you used your position of leadership and limited power for personal financial gain.

    The rest of us shouldn't have to keep paying for your bad decisions. I think the voters of this town and your colleagues at city hall been more then generous with you, it's time for you to lie in the bed you made.