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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Letter To The Tattler: Ken Bukowski

Former city council member Ken Bukowski submitted the following letter:

The City Finance Dept  should revise its current policy on the use of credit and debit cards. A few years ago when this was considered, the City didn't want to accept the use of the cards because the associated bank fees were too costly.
Since that time many more people are now using debit cards, and fewer people are using checks. People also don't want to carry cash..
Most public agencies, and too many private companies, attach a "convenience fee" to cover the costs of using the credit & debit cards. It is almost standard practice. It's my understanding the banks are going to start charging card holders a separate fee for every transaction.
If the City charges a convenience fee, there is no good reason why the credit & debts should not be accepted. It is not a good business practice to refuse to accept someone's money when they are ready to pay for anything, I think it may be possible for the City to make a few extra dollars on each transaction. It also provides the benefit of having less cash on hand.
Even for-profit companies charge a convenience fee.  AT&T will charge you $5 convenience fee, if you go into their store to pay your phone bill  
City Hall should reconsider the current policy to allow credit and debit cards to be accepted.


  1. I don't think operating on credit is a really good idea. There is a reason you can't pay court fees and the like with credit cards.
    Provides people with an easy out to not actually paying their fines, and what not.

    Ideas like that are probably what got you booted off the city council.

  2. Yada, yada, yada. Move on folks, there's nothing to read in these comments.

  3. i disagree with mr. bukowski. the city is not a profit making business. if you are talking about permit fees, business licenses, etc. payment should be made by check or cash. if a check is written against insufficient funds, then the city has every right to collect a sizable service charge for the time it would take to try to recover the check amount and hopefully deter bad check writers from engaging in this practice.