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Friday, February 3, 2012

Emery Education Data Website

The California Department of Education runs a very informative website for educators, legislators, parents and taxpayers known as Ed-Data.  The site answers basic questions about a school district's demographics, STAR test results, district finances, teacher salaries and credentials and the like.  It includes 'pop trend' reports or information on a district's educational trending trajectory.

The academic progress at Emery United School District is sub par according to the State and the website shows the district has earned a 'red light', having not met State requirements on Average Yearly Progress (AYP).  The district is also shown  to have not met the State mandated Academic Performance Index (API) growth targets, a major indicator of school academic performance.

A quick perusal of the website reveals that teachers at Emery are paid less than the State-wide average, calling into question the wisdom of spending so much taxpayer money on building a new Center of Community Life school campus and augmenting the argument that a better way to increase academic performance at the district is to pay teachers more rather than building an expensive new school.

The site can be viewed by clicking HERE.  Emery Unified School District can be accessed by the pull-down menu under the 'District' bar.


  1. I left EUSD cause the pay was sub-par and there was no sign of ANY interest in raising wages for people.
    I understand that you can't expect as good of wages in education that you can find in the private sector. But when you are paying staff ~40% of the private sector rate for their position (unless you're and administrator), that's just insane.
    So, to hell with em, EUSD lost a damn good employee...again!
    The poor pay coupled with a lot of parents who just don't give a damn about their child's education, and what you get is a poorly performing school.

  2. dear anonymous feb. 7:
    if you live in emeryville, please continue reading the tattler and

    i just read a report that shows eusd has the highest percentage of its total budget spent on administrative salaries compared to any other bay area district. and we have what, 700-800 students?