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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Emeryville Police Chief Receives Cal Police Chiefs Award

Colleagues Grant Emeryville Top Cop  Prestigious Award 

The California Police Chiefs Association awarded its most prestigious award, the Joe Molloy Award, to Emeryville Police Chief Ken James March 14th at the Installation Banquet in Sacramento, during their 35th Annual Training Symposium.  CPCA President Dave Maggard, Chief of the Irvine Police Department, presented Chief James with the award for his dedication and service to law enforcement and to the California Police Chiefs Association.  This award embodies the characteristics represented by the late Chief Joe Molloy of Anaheim; professionalism, leadership, energy, and commitment to the mission of the Association. 

Emeryville Police Chief Ken James
Chief Maggard said the selection of Ken James to receive this award was an easy one to make, “Chief James has served the association as the chair of our Firearms Committee for many years and had tirelessly advocated on our behalf on all of the firearms legislation that has been introduced”  he said.
“Additionally,” emphasized Chief Maggard, “Chief James fought successfully – against great odds—last year to have Cal Chiefs 'Open Carry' bill, AB 144, get to the governor’s desk and be signed into law.  He led this year’s fight not only on behalf of our members, but on behalf of public safety and the safety of those in our communities.  His tenacity on this issue is what enabled the bill to pass. Through it all he has steadfastly stood for what is best for the safety of our communities”.  He added, "Chief James’ record of commitment and contribution on a statewide level is greatly appreciated.  He is highly respected within the law enforcement community, and I was honored to present Chief James with the award for the work he has done for Cal Chiefs, for law enforcement, and for public safety.”

The California Police Chiefs Association represents the state’s municipal police chiefs whose agencies protect over 78 percent of the citizens of California.


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    1. really nailed it! How can I or anyone for that matter, go up against such witty repartee as that? You yelled the loudest, and that means you win. The loudest screamers win the's the law.