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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Blast From The Past

Apparently, There Were Some Pretty Lively Debates In The Council Chambers In Years Past

The San Francisco Chronicle printed a story Sunday highlighting lost landmarks from the Bay Area past.  Among the Emeryville notables was the old Doggie Diner on San Pablo Avenue.  In the accompanying story there was a news clipping from the Emeryville files, re-printed forthwith:

San Francisco Chronicle
Thursday June 18, 1970
By Paul Avery
Two deadly shrapnel bombs- apparently designed to blow up police officers who frequent the place- exploded yesterday at the Doggie Diner in Emeryville, injuring two customers.
An Army demolition squad later found and disarmed two other bombs that had failed to go off.
Investigators said they were checking the possibility the bombing was linked to “threats against (Emeryville) police officers made the night before at a City Council meeting.
Emeryville’s Deputy Police chief John LaCoste said it seems likely that he and Patrolman William Hart were the intended victims of the blasts.  That drive-in restaurant is a popular “coffee stop for cops” he said.
Cop magnet-
Shrapnel bombers knew where to
find cops: Under the doggie head.

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  1. I love the Doggie Diners! They are almost as memorable as the (not yet) "world famous" Clown Alley.