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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Councilwoman Atkin Folds, 3900 Adeline Project Extended

Atkin Reverses Herself
Project Granted Another Year
Tonight the Emeryville city council voted 4-1 to allow loft developer Madison Park a fifth year of time extension to start their previously approved housing project at 3900 Adeline Street.  At the December 4th council meeting, councilwoman Ruth Atkin shocked attendees when she sided with colleagues Jennifer West and Jac Asher and voted NO to the time extension request.  The council ultimately decided on the 4th, to wait until tonight to try the vote again for Madison Park.

Council member West joined with Ms Atkin stating the project had been made "more family friendly" in the intervening two weeks by the developer agreeing to providing a car share parking space, a 'play dome' for "adults and children" in the courtyard central space and other such minor adjustments.  The developer made a presentation filled with references to children and the schools, an effort to placate the admonitions about the council's duty to provide family friendly housing from Ms Atkins at the previous meeting.

Mayor Brinkman, interestingly, told attendees at the previous meeting that it was unfair to the developer to not automatically grant an extension for another year.

Tonight's vote gives the developer another year to start the project, something CEO John Protopappas says he's having a hard time with owing to difficult financing.  The project, on hold since 2009, calls for the demolition of an historically significant building.


  1. Looks like West reversed herself also. Why is it okay for West to reverse herself but not Atkin as your headline and content would indicate?

    1. Ahh hypocrisy!

      Only, it's not. Watch for the coming opinion piece taking whom to task for their reversal? Council member West, that's who. Don't worry, she has a lot to answer for and we'll ask the tough questions.

      When it comes to the public commons being degraded, look to the Tattler as its matter who is doing the degrading.

  2. Well I gave Ruth a Bravo that I now take back and replace with a BIG BOO! That's a Boo for both Ms. West and Ms. Atkin! Nice going capitulators! Looks like Jac is the only one with integrity on this issue. Shame Shame! If you want your schools to succeed you need families to populate them. Do you get it? It appears you either don't or it's just not your top priority. Ah the it goes.