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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

In Emeryville, Only the Poor Get Stuck With Bike/Pedestrian Paths

The Rich Are Gloriously Free From Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Dialectical Materialism
The workers control the means of
production and bikes, an inherent 

contradiction of the petty 
bourgeoisie, will spell doom to 
capitalism and its running dogs. 
We will destroy bikes and create
a classless society. 
We live in a wacky town here.  Take last Monday's performance at the Bicycle Pedestrian Committee meeting by Emery Schools Superintendent Debbra Lindo; the City Council is "classist" she says because they are foisting a bicycle/ pedestrian path on the School District as it builds the Center of Community Life.  Unlike the neighboring private school across the street, the hoity toity Escueala Bilingue Internacional, who didn't have to build a proposed path adjoining their facility she noted. They got a pass from the Council she took pains to remind everyone.
Everybody knows bike/pedestrian paths are horrible, tacky things, dreadful really.  But only the disadvantaged public school has to endure one directly adjoining its facility thanks to the plutocrat apologists on the City Council, Ms Lindo says.

These comments, lambasting the Council for its classism were so far out in left field (so to speak), the Bike/Ped Committee at first had no idea what she was talking about.  The Superintendent had to explain her tortured logic twice to the Committee.  Even then some Committee members seemed confused.
Ms Lindo is so desperate to stop the ECCL Path, she is so distracted at the thought of it that she's biting the hand that's feeding her; her partner in the Center of Community Life, the City Council.

All the talk Monday of looming criminals loitering on the path, threatening the children were over the top to be sure.  But it's the "classist" charge leveled at the City Council, with its bizarre Marxist overtones that's especially revealing about the desperation taking hold at the School District.  Everything gets turned on its head it seems at the School District as they attempt to bully their way forward with the Center of Community Life...everything gets turned on it's head, even Karl Marx it would appear.

Here's how the wealthy live: Lots of street,
 no bike/pedestrian paths
We're wondering where the Superintendent is going with this spurious and ridiculous charge directed at the City Council.  We're hoping Monday's performance, entertaining though it might have been, is not an indication of a new trajectory for the Center of Community Life.  We've got too much money wrapped up in this thing for it to falter.  So while we may chuckle at the increasingly erratic antics, we're getting worried this whole thing may not pan out.
This is what poverty in America looks like: 
Not a pretty picture
A tony neighborhood; no bikes.  Oh, to be rich!


  1. Very funny post, but if some of those criminals lurking on the bike path turn out to be Marxists, don't say we weren't forewarned.

  2. We seriously have to get rid of this woman. She's a few bricks short of a load.

  3. Um, has she seen the Emeryville greenway that passes by half million dollar townhomes, filled with tech geeks walking their dogs? That's where we live in Emeryville, and we LOVE it. It is actually a huge part of why we chose Emeryville to buy in/live in!