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Sunday, August 24, 2014

RULE Endorses Candidates for Change on School Board

Patz, Merriam, Affeldt: In
Dwin: Out

The resident activist group Residents United for a Livable Emeryville (RULE), has endorsed two new comers, Christian Patz and Donn Merriam for Emery School District Board of Trustees as they seek election in the November general election.  The group also gives an endorsement nod to incumbent John Affeldt while leaving aside the other incumbent Miguel Dwin.
  Three seats are up for election and the endorsement vote by RULE shows a desire to effect change for Emery. The rejection of long time incumbent Miguel Dwin combined with the approval of Mr Patz and Mr Merriam represents the maximum dissatisfaction with the School Board possible given that three choices are available to voters in a field of four candidates.
Board member Christian Patz was temporarily appointed by a vote of the Board in the spring to replace outgoing member Josh Simon. November 4th will be Mr Patz' and Mr Merriam's first time facing Emeryville voters.


  1. Thank you RULE. I appreciate your support.

  2. November 4th will also be Mr. Affeldt's first time facing the voters, as he was appointed to replace another departing Board member, Cheryl Webb, I believe.

    While Dwin and Affeldt's decision-making on the Board has been equally questionable, Affeldt has been the more disappointing. When he was appointed I remember people hoping that he would challenge the assumptions made by the rest of the Board and push them to make better decisions, but it has not turned out that way. Instead, he fell in line, lock-step, with Dwin, Simon, and Dice and has not offered the fresh perspective people so hoped for. There's only a handful of people that speak out against the Board at meetings, but there are many more of us teachers, parents, and residents that watch this Board from afar and are shaking our heads with an equal if not greater amount of disbelief and disappointment.

  3. As a candidate for EUSD governing board, I am greatly honored and appreciate your endorsement. Thank you for your consideration.