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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Fox News Reports: Robots Could be Coming to Emeryville

Emeryville Waitrons Replaced by Robots?

Guess who?
Fox News, a media conglomerate well known for it's concern for the working poor in this country, is warning Seattle restaurant waiters the City Hall there, by raising the minimum wage on a fast track to $15 per hour (presumably to help poor people), is actually going to get them fired from their jobs
because if their bosses don't sack them first, robots will.
It's a cautionary tale that Emeryville waitrons should heed: robots could be in your future...that's what's being 'whispered' anyway.
Restaurant owners, so exasperated over having to pay their workers a (barely if at all) living wage of $15 per hour, will fire them all and buy robots to serve the public their meals Fox reports.  Emeryville is also on a path to eventually get to $15 per hour for its minimum wage workers, perhaps in 2018 or 2019, raising the terrible specter of fresh faced college kids replaced by murderous HAL 9000 robots that won't open pod bay doors, let alone get your steak to your table before it turns cold.

Kudos to Fox for the timely heads up.  Emeryville; stop the minimum wage juggernaut before it's too late!

Fox News' token brunette Lauren Simonetti tells the story:


  1. Appropriate story for April 1st.

    1. Except Fox News (and at least one Emeryville restaurant) aren't joking. Robots in an Emeryville restaurant? The story is coming soon to the Tattler. No kidding.