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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

How Do Emeryville's Municipal Neighbors Inform Their Citizens?

City Hall
Alameda California

The City thinks it's good if the people
know what their government is doing.
The City of Emeryville has received many criticisms over the years from residents wanting more transparency from City Hall.  Infamously, developers with pending projects, large corporations in town and others among the politically connected have traditionally found a welcoming City Manager's office for private closed door planning sessions.  After last November's progressive sweep in the City Council elections, there has been a move to upset this convenient and discreet access for the powerful at City Hall in Emeryville.
Here's something else that could be done to give residents more power and increase citizen engagement: post notices about public meetings and other community interest information in front of City Hall, just like real cities do.  How about it Emeryville City Hall?  Is this idea dangerous?

City Hall
Berkeley California

30 linear feet of transparency.
An informed and engaged citizenry is 

how democracy works, says Berkeley.

City Hall
Emeryville California

No need to post anything for the public.
 'Trust us, we're working on your behalf'
says City Hall.  'It's probably best if you
just let us take care of business in here, go
home and watch TV or something'.


  1. Transparent? Like when your friends Asher and Martinez and brother Scott moved to eliminate 5 committees back in March or when they all conspired to read the market development by title only or when they moved to eliminate a study and meeting during the MWO debate and fast track it? You're going to have to validate how they are somehow more "transparent".

    1. And please tell us how the things you list are not transparent.

    2. You deserve a gold star for your ridiculous spin.

  2. The only thing "transparent" about the Council majority is that whatever you write about on the Tattler will be implemented by your friend Jac Asher. Can you ask her to implement something that's actually good for residents and not social justice driven just once?

    1. "Social justice is the view that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. Social workers aim to open the doors of access and opportunity for everyone, particularly those in greatest need."
      I'm not sure how that is incompatible with what's good for residents. Please elucidate.
      Oh, and please tell Jac Asher to implement everything I suggest...That'd be a hoot!

    2. So about 12 hours after I submit my comments you finally authorize them with your rebuttal. Real "transparent" bro.

    3. I get to comments when I get to them...sometimes takes several hours.