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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Chosen Builder for Sherwin Williams Site Implicated in Bribery and Influence Peddling Scheme

Criminal Allegations:
Crooked Builder Selected to Develop Emeryville's Sherwin Williams Site

Lennar Urban Illegally Paid Concord Mayor 
With Project Pending

The East Bay city of Concord is reeling this week after it has been revealed their mayor illegally accepted money from Lennar Urban, a prominent builder under consideration to build a major housing project in that city and also selected to build the Sherwin Williams Project, a major housing project for Emeryville.  An unnamed number of Concord city council members have also been implicated in the Lennar bribery and influence peddling allegations that were capped on Tuesday with a dramatic turn when investigating Concord City Attorney Mark Coon leaped off a building to his death.

Mayor Tim Grayson accepted $16,800 from Lennar while the City has been considering selecting Lennar to be the lead builder for the 12,000 housing project know as the Concord Reuse Project, a proposal for the development of the existing Concord Naval Weapons Station.

Lennar, a large San Francisco based developer took over Emeryville's Sherwin Williams project as the primary applicant late last year with original developers SRM Earnst and Thompson Dorfman continuing to participate.

Concord has placed the Reuse Project on hold while the investigation of Lennar continues.  Emeryville officials were unavailable for comment on the implications for the Sherwin Williams Project from the Lennar allegations.

Readers can read more HERE and HERE.


  1. My heavens. It looks like the developers of Sherwin Williams just earned their moratorium they were so much against.

    1. I don't think this project is going to ever get built.

  2. They've probably already paid off these corrupt council members in Emeryville.

  3. They should have given the job to Kava Massih and Pulte Homes. I think Mr. Massih inspired Rick Perry's choice in eyewear.

  4. *Who did Lennar bribe in the City* and how much did they receive? Lennar
    is also doing the very big Hunters Point Project in SF. I say NO to Lennar!

    Richard Ambro