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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Protestors Shut Down Emeryville City Council Meeting

The Anti-Police Terror Project shut down the Emeryville City Council meeting tonight, insisting the police stop carrying AR-15 assault rifles in the wake of last year's shooting of Yuvette Henderson by Emeryville police.  About 100 protestors arrived at the beginning of the meeting and effectively shut it down, forcing Mayor Dianne Martinez to order police to clear the room.  The protestors left after about 30 minutes vowing to return at a later date.  The City Council reconvened the meeting after the room was cleared.  Police report one arrest was made behind City Hall after they said they saw a protestor with a tear gas canister.

The Anti-Police Terror Project shuts down the Emeryville 
City Council meeting.  Police clear the room.

They provided some live music performed in the council 
chambers foyer.

One arrest was made for possession of "tear gas" according to 
the police.


  1. Emeryville got a meeting disrupted and ended. Yuvette Henderson got her life disrupted and ended. Is that equal?

  2. Odd that your post doesn't reference her shoplifting, assault, multiple attempted carjackings, and pointing a gun at police. No, id say it isn't equal at all.

    1. The Tattler is not a shill for the police department. Those things you reference are allegations made by the police. Why would I mention these allegations when the story is about the shutting down of the City Council meeting? I could have also mentioned about how popular the police are in Emeryville or countless other factoids and allegations not related to the shutting down of the City Council meeting. But that would distract from the story, wouldn't it?