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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Typical Saturday Afternoon at ECAP

Here's what it looks like when the government throws itself over entirely to the interests of the top 1% at the expense of everyone else, when both political parties give up on taking care of the interests of average Americans.  We see it every day in Emeryville on San Pablo Avenue as hungry people wait in line for food assistance from the Emeryville Citizens Assistance Program (ECAP).  It only gets worse, regardless which political party is in control.
Thanks to the volunteers at ECAP for stepping up to alleviate hunger in our community.



    1. RE: the You Tube video you linked:
      You have shown us something shocking! Poor people trying to get money! It's outrageous, they will take stuff given to them and sell it to make money so they can buy stuff they need and want....just like non-poor people. Poor people are greedy! They want things!

    2. ...they take stuff, but they don't take baths! ;) the horror!

    3. Everybody takes stuff. They take stuff...but they take less stuff than rich people take. The poorer you are, the less stuff you take.
      They don't bathe as often perhaps because they're poor! Because they can't afford to! See how clever you are?