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Monday, September 12, 2016

RULE Endorses Medina, Patz and Bauters for City Council

The Emeryville citizen activist group Residents United for a Livable Emeryville (RULE) has announced their endorsement of John Bauters, Christian Patz and Ally Medina for Emeryville City Council.
Christian Patz
There are six candidates running for three seats in an unprecedented open City Council election on November 7th.  The three picks will likely receive a big electoral boost by the nod owing to RULE's high rate of success in picking election winners.  Last election RULE accurately picked both City Council candidates as well as all three School Board candidates that featured a RULE challenger pushing out an incumbent on the School Board, a rare event.  Additionally RULE endorsed the dark horse Tony Thurmond for 15th Assembly District in a never before done outside of Emeryville endorsement by the group.  Mr Thurmond upset favorite Elizabeth Echols in the 2014 race.  RULE has selected winners in every other Emeryville election save one and the RULE candidates have come in first place each time arguably making RULE a venerable Emeryville institution at this point.
John Bauters

Ally Medina


  1. Now we know who not to vote for. Vote RULE Block? No thanks. They're anti resident and anti business.

    1. They're everywhere. They're under my bed! They've got to be stopped!!