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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Tattler Correction

We extended two questionnaires to candidates for Emeryville City Council and we have posted all we received back.  At least that's the way we intended to do it.  We're sorry to say candidate Louise Engel never received the second questionnaire (on police, bikes, families, density and miscellaneous) from the Tattler and readers should note that's why Ms Engel's answers haven't been posted.  We apologize to Ms Engel and the voters of Emeryville for the mistake.  Ms Engel has been offered a chance to respond but at this late date, it would be understandable if she did not take up the offer.  Again we apologize for our mistake.

Readers can note Council candidate Ally Medina did receive the second questionnaire but we did not receive a response back from her.  Also, candidate Brynnda Collins did receive the first questionnaire (on housing affordability, parks/open space, Sherwin Williams project and livability) but we did not receive a response back from her.

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