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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Alameda County Certifies November Election: RULE Sweep

Election Certified:
RULE Wins Emery Unified School District Board Majority

Councilwoman Martinez Takes Historic 49% of vote

Alameda County Registrar of Voters certified the results of the November 6th elections today, officially confirming the majority takeover of the Emery School Board by the Emeryville resident advocacy group Residents United for a Livable Emeryville.  The election of RULE School Board candidates Brynnda Collins, Sarah Nguyen and Susan Donaldson on November 6th makes RULE endorsed Board members now a majority.  On the City Council front, RULE candidate and incumbent Dianne Martinez sailed to victory with 49% of the total vote; the largest in modern Emeryville history with 3182 votes, representing the largest number of votes ever garnered by a candidate for elective office in Emeryville history.

The historic election cements RULE's power in Emeryville with a popular total RULE backed City Council and now a new super majority RULE backed power base at the School District.  In 2016, RULE crushed the election with the sweep of it's candidates John Bauters, Ally Medina and Christian Patz, shutting down the anti-RULE business backed contenders and turned the previous simple majority into a five for five 'RULE bloc' totality on the Council.  This November's election RULE sweep notably makes the seat of existing School Board member Cruz Vargas the last lonely holdout for the anti-RULE minority in all of Emeryville.

Equally unparalleled in Emeryville history is the fact that RULE has never missed even one call.  Every single candidate or ballot initiative measure (like last June's Measure C the affordable housing bond) RULE has endorsed has passed; a remarkable perfect record dating back to RULE's inception and the election of Councilwoman Jennifer West in 2009 who handily beat her contenders (anybody remember Frank Flores for City Council?). Anyone considering running in two years for the seat now occupied by School Board member Cruz Vargas might want to take to heart the last ten years in Emeryville election history.

NOTE TO READERS:  This story originally contained an inaccuracy and the Tattler issued a retraction on December 8th.  The retraction can be viewed HERE

Asterisks represent RULE candidates
as well as election winners


  1. There is some complicated math here. Dianne received 49% of all cast votes. But 66% of all voters voted for her. There were 4822 people that voted. Of those voters 3182 voted for her or 66%. The total number of votes cast was 6432 out of a possible 9644 because each voter could choose two candidates.
    If you look at the Measure S, 4554 people voted, 3841 yes and 713 no. That gives a better idea of how many people voted.
    This shows you that not only did RULE sweep but it was not even close. Scott won with a majority of voters and Dianne only a handful of votes from a super majority. Any argument that they do not represent the voice of the community is wrong.

    1. Wow, thanks (math major?) Tattler reader! Nice breakdown. Dianne and RULE speak for the community, yes, indeed. And they won big. To those who make the argument against it, stick that in your e'ville eye!

  2. I voted for all the candidates who won, not because of RULE, or the Democratic party, but because I, like RULE and the Democrats, reviewed the candidates and selected those I felt were most qualified. "Cement[ing] their power" is neither what RULE did nor what they wish to do, I hope. However, they do provide a valuable service to the community.

    1. Perhaps you're unaware that the R in RULE stands for 'Residents'. RULE are the people of Emeryville and the people of Emeryville are RULE. For RULE to cement their power is for democracy to cement its power. As opposed to a previous era in Emeryville when the business sector called the shots. It was out of town business interests mostly that ran this town (through their sycophants) previously.