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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Emeryville Celebrates Its Status at the Rotten City Block Party

Emeryville celebrates this Saturday 11:30 - 4:30 in the first annual Rotten City Block Party at City Hall.  All are invited to what is being called a celebration of our past, present and future.  Our future is what we make of it but our reputation in the past was cemented in 1927 when Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren called Emeryville with it's reeking rendering plants, dirty smokestacks and corrupt politics "The rottenest city on the Pacific coast".  Today Emeryville has shown a remarkable penchant for consistency.  Our town is still rotten with its worst in the Bay Area record in many areas of livability including the lowest ratio of park acreage per residents, the unfriendly-to-families lowest number of people per housing unit, the worst record on home ownership and our school district's highest per pupil spending netting the lowest test scores and worst teacher retention.

Come one and all this Saturday to celebrate how we don't have any parks to speak of at Emeryville's Rotten City Block Party!  It's gunna be bad...super bad!

WE SUCK!  And we're damn proud of it!

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