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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Court Rules Against Redevelopment Agency

Emeryville's hope to stop the State from forcing redevelopment funds to a school fund known as the Supplemental Educational Revenue Augmentation Fund (SERAF) today were dashed when Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Lloyd Connelly ruled that the state can take more than $2 billion statewide from local redevelopment funds and transfer the money to school operations.


  1. To the legislature: Leave our local monies alone!

  2. Raiding the Affordable Housing Fund during Affordable Housing week! Congratulations!

  3. Thank you Sacramento!!!!! Dissolve the Redevelopment Agency---a corrupt entity whose sole purpose is to take our tax dollars and convey it to development corporations. Developers end up with the money, and we end up with the shopping malls selling crap from China and a bunch of low wage retail jobs at chain stores.