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Monday, May 17, 2010

How They Voted

Scrap The New General Plan To Accommodate One Developer?

At the Tattler, we've noticed the city council and other deliberative bodies in Emeryville make controversial votes that get forgotten by the residents over time. In deference to the general edification of public policy and to strengthen Emeryville's democratic institutions, we will publish occasional short reminders on how the Power Elite in town have voted on these controversial issues.

On October 6, 2009 the issue before the council was:

Should the brand new General Plan be amended to allow for a specific parcel of land to be increased in maximum building height allowable from 75 feet to unlimited height with no findings whatsoever other than the one developer, John Nady's desires for more profit?

Nora Davis - YES
Ken Bukowski - YES
Dick Kassis - YES

Ruth Atkin - NO
John Fricke - NO

Note: Work on the General Plan took more than five years and was completed just weeks before the vote. The Plan took thousands of hours of resident volunteer work and many millions of dollars to complete.


  1. Sometimes there's one thing that gives away the whole story. This is that thing.

  2. You should do an expanded story on this. I looked up the word corruption in the dictionary. This fits it.