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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Government Accountability Project

The Emeryville Government Accountability Project
Citizen Access

As part of the on-going effort to strengthen democratic institutions and citizen involvement in Emeryville, the Tattler will publish the telephone numbers of elected officials as they become known.  For decades here politicians made their phone numbers public and would take calls from constituents.  Sadly, this tradition has been waning, and citizen access has eroded.  Meanwhile, developers routinely meet with politicians and city staff in closed door sessions. We are dismayed to see this weakening of citizen access to the levers of power even while corporate access has never been stronger.  Accordingly, we now add the unpublished telephone number of city council member Kurt Brinkman to the list of published numbers of Emeryville's elected officials.
Future would be politicians should take warning:  If you win office and try to keep your telephone number confidential, the Tattler will publish it if we can find it.
Here then is the newest contact-

Kurt Brinkman, City Council Member:
(510) 774-1551

Here is the list so far:
City Council
Nora Davis -  (510) 652-2199
Ken Bukowski -  (510) 305-0000
Jennifer West - (510) 420-5795
Ruth Atkin - (510) 915-0167* 

School Board
Josh Simon -  (510) 601-1480
Cheryl Webb - (510) 654-6012*
Melodi Dice - Unlisted
Pat Hooper - (510) 384-7882*
Miguel Dwin - (510) 381-2023* 
*unlisted but obtained by the Tattler


  1. Hello, Mr. Brinkman? I'm calling on behalf of PG&E conducting a survey on the reliability of major appliances.
    Do you own a washing machine and drier? Can you provide the brand name? Have you experienced any operating issues with either in the last 36 months?
    Now, moving on to kitchen your refrigerator currently running? Well, you better go catch it before it gets away!

  2. I am running for City Council, so here is my contact information:

    William "Michael" Webber
    510-830-8755 cell
    510-761-5618 Google voice

    I live at 1121 40th St APT 2404 right here at the Andante in Emeryville.

    You can find my linkedin profile using my email. I have just started a blog at