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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sacramento OKs South Bayfront Bike/Ped Bridge

Councilwoman Jennifer West reports the South Bayfront Bike/Pedestrian Bridge, an Emeryville Redevelopment Agency project some ten years in the planning and subsequently killed when Sacramento dissolved redevelopment agencies statewide two years ago, has been revived.
The bridge is planned to cross the railroad tracks and connect the Bay Street Mall with Horton Street and points east.  The City of Emeryville won its case against the Department of Finance of the State of California on Thursday.  Ms West told the Tattler she will do everything in her power to move the project along as quickly as she can in the wake of this important victory.

Councilwoman West's blog post is HERE.


  1. Everybody loves the City Attorney when he wins.

    1. That is for a city that loves to waste our money. A good attorney would have locked up the deal from the beginning. What a bunch of crooked morons!