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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Elementary School Principal Suddenly Announces Her Departure

Yet Another Departure from Emery Unified


  Whispered Sinking Ship Metaphors Heard

Among Parents

Parents of Anna Yates Elementary students received the letter below in their "Wednesday packets" from Principal Jaguanana Lathan announcing that as of June 27, 2014 she "will be leaving" her position with Emery Unified. Nothing in her letter indicates whether she resigned or was fired and she does not indicate what her next career move will be.

The letter sent another shock wave through the Emeryville community that has seen the Superintendent of the schools announce her retirement and then saw her departure date accelerated, that saw the Emeryville Center for 'Community' Life  Project Manager retire and then its most outspoken booster on the School Board, Joshua Simon, also announce his departure from the School Board.  Now the Elementary School Principal is gone too, and that's just the departures since October.   This District has a less than spotless hiring record, and citizens may continue to see a revolving door for administrators as the much touted and over promised Center of 'Community' Life begins construction.


  1. I am a teacher at Anna Yates. The AY community supports Dr. Clifford Thompson as the next principal of Anna Yates. When Ms. Lathan is off campus, he has stepped in as the substitute principal and he has done an excellent job. A parent petition is going around campus as well as a staff petition. Parents have already informed me and to use their words, "If Dr. Thompson is not principal, we're taking our kids somewhere else." Parents are asking me for other school options just in case the board messes things up AGAIN! I suggest they strongly consider Dr. Thompson. If not, you can tell them to expect a mass exodus from Anna Yates. We told the board we didn't support Lindo and they ignored us. If they ignore us again and disregard parents' requests, they'll have no one to blame but themselves when enrollment starts to drop. I hope they listen to the AY community this time and take us seriously. We need a principal with great leadership and we know Dr. Thompson is just that!

  2. Sometimes departures mean fresh new beginnings and this district is certainly approaching a stale ending.
    To all those who are bailing on us we say Huzzah! Good luck to you. It was past time for you to go anyway. This is not a bad thing Brian.

  3. I am a teacher at Anna Yates. Who gave Anonymous permission to speak for me? Dr. Thompson appears to be a nice person and might be the best candidate for principal. I would like to make that decision and communicate it for myself without being lumped in with :"The AY community supports" message.

  4. Realizing...sometimes you don't know what you're missing until it's gone.