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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Still No Sign of the Tattler 'Rapid Response Team'

School District Spent $17,000... So
Where's the Tattler 'Rapid Response Team'?

Where's the Emeryville Tattler negative story Rapid Response Team?  We, the people of Emeryville  paid for it, so where the hell is it?
Early last year, the Emery School Board was so addled by negative stories about their roll out, some might say steamrolling, of the school rebuild project known as the Emeryville Center of 'Community' Life (ECCL), they sought relief...not by ceasing their program of quashing citizen dissent, the main source of the negative press, but instead by paying for a public relations consultant to among other things, contain and incapacitate the Emeryville Tattler.  The consultant recommended the District impanel an Emeryville Tattler negative story "Rapid Response Team" to make sure they remain in control of the debate frame about ECCL and not the Tattler.

The School District paid San Francisco corporate consulting firm Davis and Associates $17,000 to produce the Center of 'Community' Life Three Year Strategic Communications Plan as a result of citizen criticisms about lack of transparency surrounding ECCL.  A central tenet of the plan is the recommendation that the District set up the Rapid Response Team and the Tattler is called out by name as the District's main nemesis.

Since the District retained Davis and Associates last year, the Tattler has kept up with the negative stories about the Center of 'Community' Life as they have been warranted as news has come to light, however the people of Emeryville have not received the benefit of the Rapid Response Team.  At least not yet.  The District has continued on with their 'our way or the highway' approach to building the ECCL, and as a steady stream of elected officials and high level staff proponents of the ECCL have sought the exits, the Tattler has kept up with the reporting but there's been nary a whiff of the Rapid Response Team.

We want to know where is this team?  What are they waiting for?  "Rapid" in this case may be just hyperbole.  Maybe the whole thing has been a ploy, meant to intimidate.  We're not intimidated.  The people of Emeryville paid good money for this public relations advise and we like to think it wasn't money wasted.
Come on Emery!  You're not supposed to let story after story go unanswered.  The Tattler is supposed to be nipped in the bud, cut off at the knee caps.  We're unimpressed we must say, with your response so far.


  1. Oh no, this could get costly.

    The Rapid Response Team is charged with responding to tattles, but here we have a taunt. Taunts require a separate team, which will no doubt need to be hired at extra cost.

    1. Great point Will! As you so deftly noted, the Board's Strategic Plan leaves taunts without a remedy. It looks as if they've been temporarily hoodwinked. A separate team is certainly required for taunts. Indeed, they'll be needing to impanel rapid response teams for a whole host of Tattler stories: one can imagine teams assembling at all hours for gibes, derision and backhanded compliments. Clearly, snappy comebacks will require a marshaling of the crack Snappy Comeback Rapid Response Team.