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Friday, October 31, 2014

Out-Of-Towners Grow Increasingly Desperate Trying to Influence Our Election

Sacramento Lobbyists Care Not a Whit About Emeryville 
As the Sacramento based California Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors invade Emeryville with their NO on Measures U&V campaign, spending their $85,000 with their endless campaign flyers, robo calls and now illegal advertising truck driving around our town with its broken tail light clogging up traffic; we're wondering what comes next?  We don't know but we imagine it won't be good.  It's been a relentless campaign from these wealthy and faceless lobbying groups exasperating Emeryville residents but it's probably a sign of desperation on the part of these out-of-towners.
As you wait for the next shoe to drop from these outsiders that don't care a whit about the fortunes (or misfortunes) of our town, here's something to consider: The people and organizations that DO care about Emeryville are united in support of Measures U&V because they know we can't thrive as a community with half our budget taken away when Sacramento crashed our Redevelopment Agency as it recently did. We're going to continue to grow our town, increasing livability for the residents no matter what these anti-government, anti-community extremists say.

We DO care about Emeryville-
Consider the following list of YES on Measures U&V supporters: 

  • Alameda County Democratic Party -
  • League of Women Voters--Berkeley, Albany, Emeryville -
  • Emeryville Chamber of Commerce
  • Residents United for a Liveable Emeryville
  • East Bay Express -
  • Emeryville Mayor Jac Asher
  • Emeryville Vice Mayor Ruth Atkin
  • Emeryville Councilmember Jennifer West
  • Emeryville Councilmember Nora Davis
  • Emeryville Councilmember Kurt Brinkman
  • Emeryville Candidate for City Council, Dianne Martinez
  • Emeryville Candidate for City Council, Scott Donahue
  • Emeryville Candidate for City Council, John Bauters
  • Assemblymember, Nancy Skinner
  • Bob Canter, President/CEO of Chamber of Commerce
  • Bill Reuter - Chair, Emeryville Finance Advisory Committee & 35-year Watergate Resident, 
  • Tom Modic - Chair, Bicycle Pedestrian Committee, Realtor, +15 year resident and local taxpayer
  • Gail Donaldson - Current Emeryville Planning Commissioner and 17-year Emeryville Resident
  • Ames Simpson, Emeryville small business owner, 12-year resident/homeowner, former Vice Chair of the Emeryville Child Development Center Advisory Committee and parent to a child in Emeryville’s school district.
  • Brian Carver, Chair, Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee
  • John Gooding, Longtime Emeryville Resident
  • Ruth Major, Watergate Resident and member of the Emeryville Child Development Advisory Committee
(partial list)

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  1. If this truck is still toodling around town, why doesn't EPD arrest or fine Jason Crouch?