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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Bay Street Mall Thumbs Its Nose At Drought

Drought, schmought...Bay Street ain't feelin' it.  Even during a Stage 4 'critical' drought, the Bay Street Mall likes to use plenty of the wet stuff to keep things spic and span, neat 'n tidy for the shoppers at the popular profit center even though it violates the State's mandatory water restrictions now in effect.   East Bay MUD is clear; businesses may not use water for outdoor vanity cleaning...and yet...every morning, regardless of the drought....
Think about this as our reservoirs keep sinking lower and lower

and lower.

(Photos courtesy of a concerned resident)

A little Mokelumne River here...
Some Sacramento River there...
All done... until tomorrow.


  1. Thanks to the neighbors who caught this on pics, and took initiative to report it to the authorities and press! Think of all of the water (and # of houses) this change will make. Nice job, ET and neighbors.

  2. Some places around eville needs cleaning real bad such as in front of Dennys where it is very unsanitary. I would choose a clean city over watermelons, almonds and rice fields.