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Monday, May 15, 2017

'Maz' Building Burns Again

San Pablo Apartment Building Burns Down 2nd Time

Despite two armed guards and 12 security cameras on duty, 'The Intersection' apartment project, also known as the Maz Project burned down Saturday night.  This is the second time for a suspicious fire in the controversial building happening before fire sprinklers were installed, the first fire happening at about the same point in the construction process 10 months ago.
Mayor Scott Donahue noted at least 35 ATF agents will be investigating the fire and he said of the developer, Rick Holliday who plans on building the project a third time, "I admire Mr Holliday's determination. He's probably the most Sisyphean developer in Emeryville history."

Demolition fire crews pulled down the construction crane Sunday night, creating a spectacular scene as the 44,000 pound counterweight crashed to the ground.  The Mayor said the neighboring Avelon senior housing building was evacuated in case of a possible trebuchet effect from the massive crane that could have impacted the Avelon building.

The apartment building has been criticized by many in town owing to it's lack of affordable family units and 100% market rate rental status.  The Tattler called the building a "men's dorm" and a "techie dorm" because of the large number of studio and one bedroom apartments in the approved but yet to be built apartment building.

Video credit: Lillian Schroth


  1. Are you going to continue publishing your blog from jail?

    1. Ahh yes...the perennial favorite fantasy of the right wing in Emeryville: the Tattler editor is a criminal and is going to jail. I'm always just about to get arrested for crimes they say I've committed. Rob Arias loves this fantasy so much, he practically devoted his blog to it. He's reported on the crimes he says I've committed ad infinitum. He doesn't report it as here say, rather as fact. Strangely, he's never interviewed me about know to get both sides. In right wing world, that's what passes as journalism.
      So I'm always on my way to jail. But strangely, I never seem to get there. It's very'd think since it's a fact that I keep on committing crimes and those crimes have been documented by Rob, you'd think all that needs to happen is a simple call to the police, followed by a quick trial and then I'd actually get to finally start serving my jail time. Strange that it never seems to get to that point. I never even get arrested. Why do you suppose that is?

  2. That first comment is funny. It's even funnier that you took it seriously enough to be offended by it.

    1. "Offended" is the wrong word... I agree with you; it's funny. Funny in both senses; strange and comical. I must admit a bit of glee I get when these charges are leveled at me as they so often are from the laughable right wing side here in Emeryville...they really have a hard time with me don't they? So the word funny is a good one to use.