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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Emery is Failing to Support & Care For Children Says California Department of Education

Study Shows Emery Fails to Engage/Support Students

Children Don't Have an Adult on Campus They Feel Cares About Them

Children Don't Feel Safe at ECCL Says DoE

A new study released by the State of California shows the schools at Emeryville's Center of Community Life failing to provide students with a safe campus and Emery Unified School District failing to support and engage students there.  The study, called the School Climate Index (SCI) and conducted for the Department of Education reveals Emery failing students in 'overall support and engagement', scoring single percentile digits against other school districts in the state.  But Emery is doing above average as far as providing a campus with low violence and low substance abuse among students the study also shows as revealed by surveys and interviews with students, parents and teachers.
Since 2011 however, the first year Emery participated in the statewide SCI survey, there has been a steady downward trend in student support and engagement.

For 2017, Emery High School emerged with a SCI score of 198 out of 500 in the domain of 'overall support & engagement' putting it in the bottom 2% of all schools statewide.  When compared with schools of a similar demographic, Emery rises but only just to the bottom 6% of schools statewide the study shows.  The two worst scoring sub-domains for Emery in the Index are 'high expectations and caring relationships' and 'school connectedness' both of which placed the school at the bottom 1% statewide or the bottom 2% when compared with schools of a similar demographic.  According to the study, it can be shown definitively that a clear majority of students at Emery don't feel there is an adult at the school that cares for them, they don't feel close to anyone at the school and they don't like being at the school.

Emery Unified isn't alone to blame for the bad numbers however; the District's partner, the City of Emeryville helped shepherd the Center of Community Life and that built facility net a SCI score of 228 for '[student]perceived school safety'.  That puts our new bond funded $200+ million campus in the bottom 8% for perceived safety among students statewide, hardly a ringing affirmation of the 'community' part of the ECCL.  Either through the campus as built or the programs run by Emery Unified School District or a combination of both, the students attending school every day on the new campus don't feel safe, a likely contributing factor in Emery's low academic achievement numbers.
Another contributing factor in Emery's low student support and engagement SCI numbers is the extremely low rate of teacher retention since Superintendent John Rubio was hired.  Supporting documents for the study indicate high teacher turnover, especially among veteran teachers alienates students and drives down student/school connectedness and engagement, both critical for effective student learning.  Accordingly, the Tattler has reported on how Emery's slide in academic achievement since Mr Rubio took over has translated into the District becoming the second worse ranked school district in the entire Bay Area.

The School Climate Index documents Emery's fall since 2011 in overall student support and engagement when the high school scored higher than average.  That year Emery ranked 77% compared with 25% this year and most of the fall has been in the student support and engagement domain.  The biggest fail has been in the category of 'caring relationships' where children feel there is an adult on the campus that cares about them; that has fallen from an above average 359 points in 2011 to just 200 now, and that translates now to the bottom 1% ranking (2% as compared with school districts of a similar demographic).

The SCI shows the District is clearly failing in its charge to educate and care for our children and the School Board will take up discussion of the disturbing trends revealed by the Index starting Wednesday but it is unlikely they will take action since the majority of members have repeatedly shown they will stand by Mr Rubio.  They have shown no propensity to be moved by the constant stream of bad numbers hitting the District and hence the children, be it teacher retention, academic performance or school ranking generated by the Superintendent since they hired him.

Emery scores for 2011 and 2014
Broken out are the categories in the two domains (overall support/engagement
and violence/substance abuse).  Together the combined score is called the SCI score.

Emery SCI scores for 2011 and 2014.

Emery scores for 2017
Broken out into categories

Emery Scores for 2017As translated into percentiles.


  1. This is just the results of asking children about their school. This means nothing. Kids will always say this kind of thing about their school experience. Shame on the tattler for trying to make this news.

    1. I beg to differ I work with 2 Berkeley Schools and have been for many years and safe can mean many things to a child , meaning it could be Children not feeling safe because you have made this school as one for all ages Pre-k - 12th and some older Children are very upsetting with words or actions that younger Children should not have to be exposed to. This is why there is Elementary , Middle , and High Schools mostly everywhere else. It was to be a model School to show it can be done, well it is proving to be one big mistake. As far as your comment this is why Children are not safe ( You are part of the problem). Sorry but Children must be heard or they become unsure of themselves and you are just wrong and this is what is wrong with this school, My guess is you are part of the school and this is why we have such bad reports on what use to be a good School back in the good old days. Wake up Emery School District,why don't you poll the parents that don't send their Children to Emery Then we can say that is Fake news too.

  2. The Department of Education of the State of California amounts to nothing?
    Nobody cares what pointy headed scientists say?
    Shame on the Tattler for giving facts to the people with a vested interest in having them says you. Shame on the Tattler for reporting the Emperor has no clothes. We don't want to know and we're not listening to the Tattler (or the State of California). We have pure faith in John Rubio and all he stands for...and that includes his School Board enablers: Cruz Vargas, Donn Merriam and Bailey Langner.

    Nice philosophy you've got there, kid. It'd be a shame if something happened to it. Something like getting mugged by reality.

  3. This is where you keep misleading your readers - your exaggerations sound exciting but their false - That survey is not by the DOE and it wasn't a "study" they did - It's a survey tool that the teachers/districts use to self-assess how things are going. My kids have taken it in their schools with similar results.

    And, the new high school principal has been working on these same issues since last May.

    Curious now to see if you will correct your false and misleading subtitle, and we are all tiring of your incessant need to make the district look bad for your "Berkeley" dreams.

    Data is data - and the district will deal with it and use it.

    You took your kid out - so move on (or move to Berkeley so your kid can be with less black kids) and leave us alone.

    Rubio was right - it's all white privilege that gives you the right to put the district down. I wonder if you have it in you to recognize your own privilege?

    I think it's time for me (our teachers!) and other African American parents to begin coming to board meetings to stand up to bullies and bashers like you.

    1. I’m a racist for demanding competence from the Emery Superintendent? I didn’t know our language was that flexible. Interesting take you’ve got there (notice the spelling…there…not their or they’re…but again, you’re quite flexible in your use of the language).
      But lets go point by point, shall we?
      Who built the Interstate Highway system in the 1950-60’s? Was it the US government or Ed’s Asphalt? How about the Apollo moon landings? Was that done by the US government or Bill’s Bolt Company? Or how about the School Climate Index? Was that done by WestEd.Org or the Department of Education? The California Department of Education tells us, “The SCI was developed by the California Department of Education’s (CDE) Coordinated School Health and
      Safety Office in consultation with the statewide S3 Advisory Committee and the California S3 Technical Assistance and Evaluation Teams”.
      If you’re (not your) an apologist for the incompetent superintendent of Emery schools, you’d have to say the US government never did anything; the Interstate system was built by Ed’s Asphalt, man landed on the moon because Bill’s Bolt Company and the School Climate Index was done by WestEd.Org. If you weren’t so willing to be flexible with reality (you and our Dear Leader in Washington), you would say what history books say: those programs were done by the government.
      So, no, we’re not going to say the Department of Education didn’t do what it did. The Tattler brooks in the truth. The truth that incompetent elites want to deny because it serves their (not there or they’re) interests to do so.
      Thanks for commenting and you should think about using our language the way the rest of us do…you might want to start by looking up the word “bully” (it doesn’t mean a person you don’t like).

  4. Hey lap dogs. Someone other than the Tattler is giving you information about your superintendent and this District. The Department of Education. Now like some of you have referred to the Tattler as being useless, is now they Department of Education useless because it's finding wrongdoing in this District? If you are going to browbeat the Tattler that you have to browbeat any group or organization that looks at the Emeryville school district and finds it to be extremely lacking. So those of you who have an issue with Brian Donahue Tattler, those of us who post opposition to this districts way of handling things and the corruption here in, spread the hate and holler at the Department of Education for their findings. As a matter of fact since you are such upstanding citizens in this community, why don't I see you out there protesting police brutality? I know why. Because you don't give a damn about anything unless it directly affects you and since you feel pretty insulated for whatever reasons, financially, or you happen to be sitting on the lap of one of these people in charge, you will do nothing but protect this District no matter what. Dr. Rubio failure to report allegations of sexual assault this year is not new. I know of at least one other incident where he failed to report an allegation of sexual assault back at the old and Yates. Historically speaking those who are the oppressors and those who benefit from this oppressive system will never step up. They are the ones who are replying to posts opposing eccl with aggression. I have had responses from a few people. I'm sure that they're ranging from school staff too the parent here in the community.

  5. Hear this! There is a growing consensus, growing number of us who are growing increasingly impatient with waiting around and being silent. I'm already there. So no! I won't shut up while you screw me. I won't smile and ask to be taken to dinner afterwards. I will not bow to the lap dogs of this system whoever they are. Black, White, whomever. And I will not be silent. Dr. Rubio has shown over the last few years that he cares for nothing more than his six figure $214,000 a year salary, his title, and protecting those things. I'm not expecting anyone to come forward and do much of the right thing which is why I figure, though I am not perfect, I'm going to do the right thing by not only my son but the other children at eccl. As angry as I am with the people in charge I've grown to be very fond of the community at that school. A lot of people steer clear of me because of my so-called political stance. What they don't know is that I put myself out there so that you know who I am so that if you're a sucker you can stay clear of me. But I love these children. And when I went through being harassed and threatened bye dr. Rubio, principal Lang and vice principal the bass vet hurt me to the Core. The conditioning as a male growing up in America does not want me to admit that I was hurt to the core. But I was devastated by what this school did. And there was a moment when I had my crying time. This isn't individual picking a fight with some innocent individual who happened to be the principal of a school. This is a father of a fourth grader who has been at the school every day with him since he started at Emory Ville school district in the first grade. Many of you know me. You either really dislike me and which case who gives a damn, or you like me. But isn't that pretty standard with everyone. I could not stand by and be treated the way that this school treated me. The way that dr. Rubio and his principal treated me. I am a black man with a criminal record. The fact that I'm saying this should tell you that I don't give a damn what any of you uppity assholes think. I survived things that would make you fold like a Chinese flower. Let's look at things from a realistic point of view. In America if you call the police on a black man and tell that cop that this black person threatened to school staff member, that could get that black man killed. Black men in this country get killed by cops for much flipping less. .

  6. The false allegations, the harassment, I could have wound up in court along with this other parent with these degenerates texting each other in the courtroom trying to get their lies straight. The only thing that kept my black butt out of jail during all of that is that I'm not the stereotype that many of you like to see us as. Us being black men. So I didn't take the bait. Last year mr. T spent months talking to me every other day trying his best to get me to drop the charges or to drop my complaint against principal Lang. Not once did her arrogant ass come to me and try to apologize! No! She was so sure of her corrupt ass that she didn't do a thing and in fact was quite sure that she be able to set me up. Surprise! Mr. T, as a black man in this District or anywhere in America you should be well-informed about how things work in America. Principal Lang just a self-serving house negro. And you spent an inordinate amount of time attempting to get me to drop things and in fact flipped it around on me, or at least try to, by stating that my behavior was unacceptable. You meant my behavior in response to this man approaching me in the lobby of my son's school while I was still in a daze from a concussion and a brain injury the day before? I'm sure your position has a salary or income cap and unless you're getting something on the side and are completely clueless I don't understand why you tried so hard to get me to drop everything. I know that you stated that I shouldn't do this to a black woman but seriously? You mentioned nothing about the fact that this black woman principal should not bring her husband or friend into a school where she works in order to intimidate or attack one of the parents. In fact I enter the school one day to find to wreck staff members fighting in front of children, one of them my child. Every single Rex staff member on the clock stood watching. Including you, mr. T! Including you. Do you remember that? I was the one who broke those two people up and then give an attitude by School staff afterwards. You were the oldest person there and you had the biggest grin on your face looking at these two girls go at it. This is what I'm talking about. Why do we still have these people at the school. Yes laying is gone but laying is gone only because they heat under Rubio ass reached 460 degrees Fahrenheit

  7. Can we just go ahead and give this thing over to Berkeley School District please?. And by the way, when our awesome teachers teach our children about the first settlers are these teachers making our children are aware that white people butchered Millions of Native Americans and raped and infested with disease in order to eradicate emotionlessly an entire people? Because if they aren't we need to fire every last one of them ride along with Rubio and Vargas and the rest of these lame asses.