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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wareham Development Wants More: "Unexpected Expenses" Cited

City To Kick In More
Wareham Now Says $1.7 Million Isn't Enough For New Project

Wareham Development Corporation is asking the City of Emeryville for $500,000 to be added to the $1.7 million they have already received for their new development project at Hollis and Powell streets the city announced last week.  The project, called 'Emery Station Greenway', has encountered "unexpected expenses" according to a report to the city council written by Helen Bean, the city's economic director.  No elaboration was given.

The project, on the east side of Hollis Street at Powell, has been controversial from its inception.  The property was originally wrested away from a private citizen and given to Wareham in a hostile "private to private" eminent domain action by the city in November 2008 (see Tattler story How They Voted, June 3).  The Redevelopment Agency then furnished Wareham $1,753,000 to develop the property, the amount Wareham claimed it needed.

The additional $500,000 is part of the capital improvement budget and will be discussed at tonight's council meeting at City Hall.

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