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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Wareham Drops Half Million Dollar Claim Of "Unexpected Expenses"; Adds New One

$500,000 Shell Game
Wareham Mysteriously Drops Claim, New One Added

Before last Saturday, the City of Emeryville was being asked to kick in $500,000 for "unexplained expenses" related to Wareham Development's new building project, then suddenly Saturday morning that request was mysteriously dropped and the city was asked to kick in the same amount to attract Lawrence Berkeley Labs to rent space in the building upon completion.

The council ultimately ok'ed the request for $500,000 for Wareham to attract Lawrence Labs Saturday with the provision that any unspent funds must be returned to the city.

The Wareham project, called Emery Station Greenway made an additional request for $500,000 added to the $1.7 million previously received from the city, that made its way onto the capital improvement list that the city council was to take up last Saturday.  The additional monetary request was justified in the capital improvements report with the description of unexplained expenses having been encountered by Wareham.  By Saturday morning however that request had been scrubbed from the list and the city came armed with the new Lawrence Labs request.  The Tattler reported on the previous unexplained construction expense last Tuesday.

Council member Jennifer West inquired Saturday about what the Wareham had encountered on their construction site that the developer previously wanted money for but was not given a satisfactory reason according to Ms West.  The strange coincidence of the exact same dollar amount was not explained.

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  1. You get the feeling the whole thing is just a BS move to get free money? As soon as the Tattler brought attention to the unexplained expenses, they dropped it. But they still wanted the money so they simply changed the request. Shameful.

    Good work Tattler!