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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

East Bay Express Endorses Emeryville City Council Candidates

Emeryville must be moving up in the world...the East Bay Express, historically not very involved in elections here has delved in this time supporting three City Council candidates.  Staff writer Darwin BondGraham contributes in their 'Vote With Us' comprehensive list of East Bay elections: 

City of Emeryville
City Council — Ally Medina, John Bauters, and Christian Patz
Long time councilmembers Nora Davis — first elected 1988! — and Ruth Atkin (1999) are retiring from office. So is Jac Asher. So three seats are open.

We enthusiastically support Ally Medina. She wants to build on the work the current council has achieved, including the city’s strong minimum-wage ordinance, affordable-housing commitments, and efforts to recast the cityscape with more parks and pedestrian and bike amenities. 

John Bauters is making housing a key part of his platform. He wants to build more of it, and ensure that a good chunk rents at affordable prices so that regular people can live in Emervyille. And Christian Patz seems like a level-headed guy who is willing to ask tough questions and keep city government honest while also supporting progressive housing measures and fair rules to guide economic development.

John Van Geffen, Louise Engel, and Brynnda Collins all seem like reactionaries who want to undo the major economic justice and housing advances that have made Emeryville more affordable and livable. Don’t vote for them. (D.B.)

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