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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Court Slams Bukowski over Niece's Eviction

Judgment Against Bukowski

An Alameda County Judge slapped Emeryville Councilman Ken Bukowski with a bill for $1,500 in damages recently in a case stemming from a botched eviction at Bukowski's Doyle Street compound. County Superior Court small claims Judge John A Renzman ordered Mr. Bukowski on July 1 to pay his niece, Kim Bukowski $1500 for damages stemming from an improper eviction from an apartment owned by the councilman, Ms Bukowski said. Mr. Bukowski was granted 60 days to comply. So far, the court ordered judgment has not been paid.

Ms. Bukowski was living with her child at the Doyle Street apartment when the improper eviction took place.

The apartment building owned by Mr. Bukowski has been under investigation by the City for numerous violations; among them, keeping unclean premises leading to rodent harborage and code violations including renting an illegal non-habitable unit.

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  1. Yet more Bukowski legal hot water leading to yet another judgement against him! We've got to get rid of this piece of bad news once and for all.