Gabriel Weathersbee. (Photo by Emeryville Police Department)
Gabriel Weathersbee. (Photo by Emeryville Police Department)
EMERYVILLE -- Police arrested 20-year-old Emeryville man suspected of trying to kidnap a 7-year-old girl Monday night at the Powell Street Plaza.
The girl and her mother had left Starbucks Coffee just before 5 p.m. when Gabriel Weathersbee, 20, allegedly walked up behind the child, picked her up and carried her away into the parking lot, according to Emeryville police.
The mother started yelling and Weathersbee reported dropped the child about 30 feet away, police said.
Police were alerted and a nearby security guard followed Weathersbee, pointing him out to officers when they arrived.
Emeryville Police had previous contact with Weathersbee in November, when he was sent to John George for a psychiatric hold, police said.