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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Measure J Backers Balk On Campaign Disclosures

Required FPPC Forms Not Filed
Measure J Supporters Won't
Disclose Donors

The following is an e-mail intercept from resident and Chamber of Commerce member Liz Altieri to Mayor Ruth Atkin, a supporter of Measure J. Emeryville citizens have a right to know who is donating to Measure J and Ms Altieri says the political committee in support of the Measure has run afoul of the law regarding donor disclosure. The Fair Political Practices Commission is the state agency tasked with making sure political campaigns follow the law.

  • Lisa Taymuree is the Secretary for the Superintendent of the schools
  • Miguel Dwin is the School Board president
  • John Gooding is a resident working for the committee for Measure J
  • Ken Bukowski is a Council Member that has been fined by the FPPC for past campaign violations

Mayor Atkin:
I am astounded that co-chairs of the Support Measure J committee have not filed the appropriate form 460 required by the FPPC (see attached filing deadline listing). John Gooding told the Chamber of Commerce that $48,000 had been raised and that the voters should expect a barrage of mailers supporting the measure. I was told by Lisa Taymuree today that Miguel Dwin told her no filings were due until October 31. Having been treasurer of several PAC committees,on October 6 I went on the FPPC website after going to City Hall, then sent to the School District, then to the Alameda County Registrar of Voters in search of this elusive document...and it does not exist! What are you trying to hide? Why can't the voters know who has poured all of this money into a measure that has been deceptive at best with regard to the "seismic issue" and the total cost of the bond? Our grandchildren will be paying for this. When can we expect full disclosure? I would like a copy of the 460 form emailed to all recepients of this email in an effort for our elected officials (is it even legal for you to be co-chairs of this committee?) to come clean with voters. You are pushing now into the absentee voter response period (which I am sure your consultants have outlined and may be why this campaign statement is "late"?). I understand that you are passionate about this issue, but flouting the law is beyond comprehension. You and the rest of the Council pulled all of Ken Bukowski's committee seats over FPPC violations - what are you going to do to yourself?
Liz Altieri
4 Commodore Drive


  1. this is an outrage!

  2. Yes, I'm outraged by such hearsay!

  3. I was told today by the
    Alameda County Registrar of Voters that this measure has to be registered at the City of Emeryville. No response to this question has been received by the City of Emeryville.