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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Union 'CAMPed' At City Hall

New Union For Managers At City Hall

The city council, acting as board members of Management of Emeryville Services Authority (MESA) voted unanimously Tuesday night to recognize a new labor union called the Confidential, Administrative, Managerial and Professional employees (CAMP); made up of formerly unrepresented managers.  
All employees at City Hall are now represented by unions except the City Manager, the City Attorney, the Assistant City Manager and the Human Resources Director.  

Budget minded residents have expressed concern the managers will use their new found bargaining clout to reel back recent voluntary "belt tightening" concessions made by management in light of the city's budget crisis.  
CAMP will now join the traditional Service Employee International Union (SEIU) public employees union at City Hall, in a relationship of brothers and sisters workers morphed from the former intrinsically adversarial relationship of workers and managers.

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