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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Secret News Is Back

Emeryville's 'The Secret News' Relaunched

The Secret News is back baby!
The much loved Emeryville-centric news blog The Secret News is back after a long hiatus and just in time for the important fall elections.  The blog has moved to a new location and has been totally redesigned for a  bigger and better look and reader friendly architecture.

Readers will be happy to know the former editor-in-chief Emeryville resident Tracy Schroth will continue on as the editor of the revamped Secret News.

The new Secret News will focus on Emeryville politics as before but also will feature revamped sections on arts/culture, business/economy, education, events and human interest stories.

The Secret News built its reputation on taking on the unreported but critical news of Emeryville politics; exposing the cozy relationship between City Hall and the large corporations in town and shining a strong spot light on the sometimes unsavory doings of the council members, planning commissioners, or any other government official.  Never popular with City Hall and not well liked by most Emeryville politicians, the Secret News built a strong readership during its former tenure and was much linked and quoted by the mass media, including the New York Times.  

There will be much sharing between the Tattler and the new Secret News since both blogs share a common goal of keeping Emeryville residents informed about their town and do not shy away from reporting on the things City Hall would rather not be made public.


  1. Now two resident friendly blogs? I think the Chamber of Commerce is going to have a hard time catching up! Of course they do get taxpayer money, something the Tattler or SN probably doesn't get.

    Let's look for the relaunch of the Chamber's newspaper before the election.

  2. Chamber and the Economic Development department of the city are the same exact thing. The chamber gets a lot less money to promote the same franchise businesses that the city government loves so much. Why not just fund the chamber and cut that department and their stupid management?