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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Letter To The Tattler: Ken Bukowski

Former city councilman and progenitor and spokesman for the Emeryville Property Owners Association, Ken Bukowski says electric bikes may help the Police Department respond to calls faster and funds for purchase may be available from Alameda County Measure B.
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I recently bought an electric bicycle from Pacific Alternative Bicycle Store in Berkeley.  My new bike is fun to ride and I find it really great.  It can go anywhere from 20-25mph. The motor makes it go about 20mph, but when you pedal to assist the motor, it goes about 25mph on level ground.  You just plug it into a normal electric outlet. 

This would be a great idea for the Emeryville Police Department's bicycle patrol.  I'm sure it is something the officers would enjoy and it could reduce their response time.  I think they would look forward to riding it as much as I do. 

The bike I bought was $1,000, but I added a hydraulic brake for another $200 which I think is really necessary for added stopping power.  Unlike the conventional bike, the electric motor makes a real difference for riding ease and enjoyment.  It has a range of about 25 miles.  As I get older, having the necessary energy to pedal everywhere I want to go can sometimes be challenging but with the electric bike, that has definitely changed.

The upcoming Alameda County Measure B sales tax for transportation includes 8% for bicycle-pedestrian projects, which I think could potentially provide funding for electric police bicycles in all Alameda County cities.  I think our City Council should be the first to adopt a resolution to support this idea.


  1. This wasn't a letter to the Tattler - it was a letter to police chief Ken James, right? You just reprinted it.

    1. A version of this was originally a letter to the Chief of Police, Ken James. Mr Bukowski also requested it appear as a letter to the Tattler.

  2. This would be ridiculous wasteful spending at the behest of an old drug addict.
    Sorry Ken, but the police, especially those on bikes, are in WAY better shape and don't need help pedaling. If they need a quicker response time, they have plenty of officers in cruisers, and on motorcycles.
    No where in his letter does he make any points about how this bike would help the police to do their job better.
    I wonder if he has a friend who sells or makes these bikes.