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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The School Board Doesn't Support Emery Teachers; But You Can

Piss Off the School Board: 
Support Emery Teachers

Opinion/Free Offer
The Emery School Board has earned quite a reputation for not supporting our public school teachers here in Emeryville.  After the teachers read their Teachers Resolution against School Superintendent Debbra Lindo last summer, a call for help to the School Board, the Board countered with a resolution of their own supporting the Superintendent.  The Board wished to show everyone where their loyalties lay.  Since that shameful Board action, the teachers have been ignored and the Teachers Resolution has gone unanswered.

Now, the Tattler makes it possible for you to show the Emery School Board where YOUR loyalties lay.  Let's piss off the School Board and the whole Emery School District: let's openly show our support for Emeryville's teachers!

You can show that support for the teachers with a free bumper sticker.  Please select one from the four shown below.  One per household please.  Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.  Offer is limited.  Just send a self addressed stamped large size envelope to:

Emeryville Tattler
4333 Holden Street
Suite 51
Emeryville, CA

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  1. The School Board just voted themselves in another year in office along with the City Council. How's that for democracy? We're not going to have a chance to "Dump the School Board" as you say, till the damage has been done.