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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Emeryville Bad Neighbor: CVS Pharmacy

At the Tattler's new feature, Emeryville Bad Neighbor, we'll focus on the corporate and business miscreants in our midst; be they greedsters, fraudsters or churlish philistines, who make our town just a little worse for everyone.

CVS Pharmacy: Bad Neighbor (again)
CVS makes the Tattler's Bad Neighbor list again.  The corporate giant spent yesterday morning telling customers that they were forced to close their doors on their San  Pablo Avenue store because of "systems failures".  The real reason turned out to be the Alameda County Department of Environmental Health forced them to shut down for a "severe violation" involving an infestation with rodents.
The store manager stood in front, blocking the red sign posted by the Health Department as he told customers to please return in the afternoon because the store was experiencing "systems failures".  When we asked about the nature of the systems failures, we were told again simply "systems failures" were responsible and everything is fine.

After it was discovered that Alameda County shut down the store, we again confronted the manager; why is he trying to deceive the public as to the nature of the closure we asked.  The manager told us, "We're trying not to unnecessarily scare our customers".

This is the second time CVS has received the Tattler's Emeryville Bad Neighbor distinction. Last summer it was disclosed that CVS was continually illegally blocking and locking their front door onto the San Pablo side walk, a serious fire safety violation.

CVS Pharmacy: Emeryville's Bad Neighbor of the Week

Here's the Real Reason for CVS's Closure:

A red tag means "severe violations 
of codes".  According to
Alameda County, one or more 
major violations exist.
Oh Those Darn "Systems Failures"
Here's the sign attached to the front
door of CVS Pharmacy yesterday...
no need to worry, it's just
some systems failures.

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