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Saturday, April 26, 2014

RULE Endorses Scott Donahue and Dianne Martinez for Emeryville City Council

Emeryville City Council Candidates
Dianne Martinez & Scott Donahue
Emeryville's premier resident advocacy group, Residents United for a Livable Emeryville (RULE) has broken out early and announced they have endorsed the candidacies of Scott Donahue and Dianne Martinez for City Council in November.   The two hopeful candidates, running together as a slate, are urging voters to select them both to fill the position to be vacated by current Councilwoman Jennifer West and the seat currently occupied by Councilman Kurt Brinkman.     Mr Brinkman has not yet indicated if he will seek re-election but Council watchers have speculated he likely will.  Ms West announced last December she will not seek another term on the Council.

The two candidates have provided the Tattler with information regarding their respective campaigns, printed below:

Scott Donahue is a 37 year resident of Emeryville.  He was a founder in 1980 of the Emeryville Artists Co-op on 45th Street, and has been president of the Board of Directors.   Early on, Scott recognized the value of bike and pedestrian connectivity for our town and he helped establish the Emeryville Greenway.  And as a 10 year member of our Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee, Scott served as Chairman and helped shepard Emeryville's award winning regional bike boulevard system.  He's also a founder and current steering committee member of Residents United for a Livable Emeryville (RULE), a citizens group focused on issues of public safety, affordable housing, education and sustainable development.  Scott is a practicing artist, making public art and teaching at the college level.  As a small business owner who has employed more than 20 people, he was commissioned to create the landmark sculpture "The History of PG&E" on Hollis Street.  Scott lives on 45th Street with his wife Lillian. 
Scott is excited about Emeryville's future and he would love to hear your ideas for our town.
Scott Donahue 
1420 45th St. studio 49
 Emeryville, CA (510) 658 5182

Dianne Martinez is a resident of the Triangle neighborhood of Emeryville, and is running for City Council in the November 2014 election.
Dianne is a mother to two pre-school aged children, as well as a freelance television producer who has worked in new media and gaming sectors.   A life-long resident of California, Dianne grew up in an urban neighborhood of Los Angeles that mirrors Emeryville’s diversity along with its blend of family homes, rental properties and businesses.  A product of the public school system, Dianne values a system that accommodates children and families from all walks of life.  A daughter of Filipino immigrants who fled a dictatorship and were granted political asylum in the United States, she was raised with a keen appreciation of the democratic process.
As a homeowner, a parent and a participant in Emeryville’s corporate economy, Dianne is eager to serve the interests of this city’s residents.  Dianne believes that local government is not and should not be beyond the grasp of ordinary, concerned citizens.  And in a community like Emeryville, a relatively small amount of voters can have a great impact.  
If you have thoughts or concerns about the future of Emeryville, she would like to hear from you.

Dianne Martinez 
1055 45th Street Emeryville, CA (310) 748-6934
Dianne Martinez with her husband Tim and their children.

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  1. I love "The History of PG&E" on Hollis Street. That is enough reason to support Scott and Dianne in the election!

  2. Dianne Martinez Byron is by far the best person to represent the interests of the people of Emeryville.