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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Alameda County Fire Department Rescues Emery Schools With Donations

The Alameda County Fire Department Union, Local 55 responded to Emery school teacher's pleas for requisitions for the start of the new school year with a massive school supply drive culminating with a big school site presentation on Tuesday.
Individual fire fighters stood in front of Office Max, Toys R Us and other such stores for weeks collecting donations for the drive.
The huge haul presented to the Emery schools by the Fire Department this year stood in contrast to the supplies donated from the Emery Education Fund, the organization tasked with the yearly school supply drives.  Teachers noted in recent years the hauls from the Ed Fund have been lacking prompting the Fire Fighters Union Local 55 to step in this year.
An anonymous teacher opined the Ed Fund donation drive had come up short again this year, "It's pretty pathetic"the teacher said of the meager offerings, "It's less than $100 worth."
Any thoughts of disappointment in the performance by the Emery Ed Fund however were quickly forgotten after the big red antique fire truck arrived bearing the proceeds from Local 55.

Thanks to the Alameda County Fire Department Union Local 55 and Anna Yates Elementary School teacher Tiffany Johnson for coordinating the supply drive.


  1. Thank you so much Local 55. That is awesome.
    The Ed Fund is a big part of the problem at EUSD. Boss Hog Gooding has himself a nice little gig going there. EUSD needs a financial arm that GIVES to the schools instead of siphoning money from the local businesses in the name of education for a couple of scholarships. Through all the years of being at EUSD I can't name one time they provided something equivalent to this. I do remember them taking thousands of dollars of PTA monies a couple of years back and not allowing the PTA to have access to using the very funds they themselves generated. It's time to tear down the firewall between the business community and EUSD and kick Boss Hog out of town. An expose' on this Ed Fund scam is long overdue.

  2. it is absolutely unconscionable that anna yates teachers should go begging for supplies. this is precisely what measure A is supposed to do. and yesterday I received a flyer to support measure K which extends measure A for another 20 years to provide supplemental funding to support music, when in fact, there is no current music program, department or teacher since the passing of mr. carraway two years ago. as a former volunteer at anna yates, I am so sick and tired of this and demand that the wording on this flyer be corrected to read: the music department will not benefit from this extension. this ballot measure is a lie.

    I agree that an expose be written on the emery ed fund since the resignation/termination of eugenia bowman.