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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Emeryville Unanimously Passes Progressive Minimum Wage Raise

Final Reading Makes Minimum Wage Ordinance the Law of the Land

 Tonight the Emeryville City Council voted unanimously to increase the minimum wage to match the neighboring City of Oakland's minimum wage of $12.25 for small businesses and $14.44 for large businesses over 55 employees.  The unanimous vote tonight matched every other vote taken by the Council making this a very uncontentious issue, at least as far as the people's representatives are concerned.  Businesses have battled the wage increase but tonight, none spoke out against the final reading of the new ordinance.  The ordinance also provides for paid sick days for Emeryville workers.  The law takes effect beginning July 2nd.
Dozens of Emeryville minimum wage workers,
including fast food workers joined with
union representatives tonight to
witness the historic vote.


  1. We really should consider a recall. The business community in Emeryville will fund us and support us. We will only need 25% of the registered voters signing the recall petition. That's only about 1300 signatures. With a small army of paid signature gatherers we could get this much over a weekend. I don't know ANYBODY that's in favor of this minimum wage hike. This city council has forgotten who they work for and they don't care about all the jobs they're going to take, so maybe we should take THIER jobs.

    1. Yeah...recall all five of them...good luck with that. Please spend as much money as you can get from the business community. If it doesn't work the first time you can always go back for more.

  2. Yes, hiring a small army, launching a campaign, filing a legal challenge, sending out mailers and creating websites and hiring lobbyists and opposition research and paying Larry Tramutola six-figures. While that may make sense to some in the business community, as a small business owner I know how efficient my workers are. They do a lot in an hour, so the additional unit cost is pretty reasonable.

    The cost of this wage increase to my business is comparatively less expensive and more affordable than stuffing money in the pockets of rapacious campaign consultants.