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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Crowd Descends on Council Chambers Demanding Justice for Woman Shot by Emeryville Police

Jamison Robinson, the brother of Yuvette Henderson
implored the City Council to help seek justice and
provide answers for his family and the community.
Approximately 75 people descended on the Emeryville City Council chambers tonight demanding justice for the killing of Yuvette Henderson earlier in the year by two Emeryville police officers.  The majority of speakers asked the Council at the regularly scheduled meeting, to use their power to urge the Alameda County Coroner's Office to release their report on the February 4th shooting.   The shooting has been a continuing source of frustration and activism for many in the greater community and supporters have not let up in their demand for the release of the coroner's report as well as the Emeryville and Oakland police reports on the shooting.  Many speakers excoriated the City for militarizing the police here.

Ms Henderson, an Oakland resident and grandmother, was brought down in a hail of Emeryville police bullets just across the Oakland border from at least two weapons including an AK-47 military style assault weapon according to speakers tonight.


  1. Your police are murderers. Deal with it.

  2. They are right, we should just let people with guns roam around town shooting people.