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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Breaking News: New Delay at Center of 'Community' Life (Again)

High School Won't Be Ready 
City/Schools Committee Learns (for Third Time)

Unknown Where Students Will Be 
Come Spring 
Tonight a representative of Swinerton Builders, the paid liaison between the City of Emeryville and Emery School District and Turner Construction, the builder of the Center of 'Community' Life (ECCL) told the City/Schools Committee the high school under construction at the San Pablo Avenue site will now not likely be ready until fall 2016, the third announced delay for the school in recent months.  This most recent delay, coming a mere three weeks after the last announced delay, puts the high school part of the ECCL a year behind schedule.

Using cagey and indirect speech, John Baker, Swinerton's intermediary, said the school building would be "substantially" finished by March, a reversal from early October when he announced the only thing not completed at the high school by Turner would be the elevator but that would be ready by March.  Oakland Unified School District indicated at that time Emery Unified would not be permitted to rent Santa Fe after March since they plan a remodel of their school to ready it for their own students next fall.  As of now, it is unknown where Emery High School students will be going to school next spring but Superintendent Rubio told the City/Schools Committee tonight he was busy trying to convince Oakland to let Emery continue renting until the end of the school year early next summer.

The City and the School District have a $1.2 million contract with Swinerton Builders to represent the people's interest and to oversee Turner Construction.

The whole ECCL, high school, elementary school, pool and community center originally was supposed to be completed in 2015.

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