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Sunday, January 24, 2016

Emeryville Police: What's Next? AR-15 Assault Rifles on Bikes?

Shouldn't Cops on Bikes Be Able to Shoot Through Concrete Block Walls Like their Car Driving Counterparts?

Emeryville's new Chief of Police Jennifer Tejada commented at the 'Goal Setting Workshop' meeting on Saturday at City Hall, she would like to see electric bicycles for the police to patrol with.  She seemed to be very passionate about it.  We think it's a great idea...get the police out of their cars and mix with the community more.  You know, 'community policing' and all.

We have a modest proposal to add to that; how about if Chief Tejada adds some AR-15 assault rifles to the bikes?  The Chief says the bad guys are arming themselves with these high powered assault rifles and there's a 'war on police' so we figure just because our police officers are on bikes, why should they be exposed?  Shouldn't they be armed to the teeth with 3200 ft/sec armor piercing projectile velocity, 1300 foot pounds of muzzle kinetic energy weapons just like Emeryville's car riding cops are?  Rounds from these rifles can go right through a concrete block wall or three bad guys standing in a line so why shouldn't our guys riding the bikes be able to do likewise?  We think this is a wonderful marriage between Chief Tejada's insistence that Emeryville police be driving around armed with AR-15 assault rifles and her new found love of cops on bikes.

Next year watch for rocket propelled grenade launchers mounted on Emeryville police bicycles as the 'war on police' continues.  Coming soon to your neighborhood; cops on bikes with RPG launchers (can SAM Surface to Air Missile launchers be far off?).
An AR-15 slung over the shoulder is nice but...

Look how much better this rear mount scabbard is.
All that's missing is the Emeryville Police Department logo
on the bike.

The front handlebar mount style is great
for rapid aim and fire. Wonderful for
rapidly "raining death" on punks.

Then of course there's the ever popular
front scabbard mount to deliver a wall of
lead to the bad guys.

Let's not forget Emeryville motorcycle cops need
massive firepower too.  AR-15's for everybody!

This nice piece of flaming deadly firepower
could be drawn in seconds.

But we like the 'shoot 'n skoot' headstock mount the best.
No need to even stop riding.
Emeryville cops could REALLY put the hurt on the
bad guys with these!


  1. F-ing hilarious! I hope the chief thinks so too...

  2. We know you don't agree with the Police Chief on the use of AR-15 rifles and it's abundantly clear that you're not a fan of guns in general, but you may want to do a little more research before you start spewing irrelevant facts concerning the .223 round. The FBI has performed numerous ballistic tests with these rifles and the results may surprise you. Here is a link to one of many articles that can be found comparing the .223 round to various pistol rounds. Maybe after doing a little more research you can explain why you think the AR-15 rifles are not a good choice?

    1. It's "abundantly clear" I don't like guns in general? That's interesting. I'm wondering why I own guns if I don't like them then. But whatever, you obviously know what I like more than I do. Still, wouldn't you think I'd get rid of my guns since I don't like them?

    2. Brian, what do you have? Why did you choose those?

    3. Winchester .30-30 & Remington .22-250....because they're fun to shoot.

    4. Nice. Do you do any hunting with the .30-30? Where do you go to shoot?

    5. I don't hunt...not interested. I shoot on BLM land.

  3. Foot and bicycle patrols have made no difference in the past due to the fact that they never lasted very long in Emeryville. Even the last motorcycle patrolman in Emeryville was run over while attempting to issue tickets at the Armenzie San Pablo crosswalk. It will be a waste of money for the department to purchase electric bikes, just ask former councilman bukowski, who had his stolen from him. Anyways, the Emeryville police department is riddled with injuries due to the excessive gear they are required to wear. If they would really like to try something different, they should arm themselves with just a Billy club and a stun gun. We need de-escalation and not shootouts on our streets.

  4. The fact that someone like you owns a gun, or guns, is a much scarier proposition than what our police might be using. Guns in the hands of a bully - Now that's a bad idea.

    1. You got that backwards son. A bully is someone that picks on someone weaker than them. What I do is called 'speaking truth to power'. You should try it; it's the good citizen thing to do.

  5. And bullet proof vests with pockets for miniature hand grenades or M50s to divert attention.

    What I don't understand are all terrain vehicles for a town less than 1.5 miles long and only one terrain.

    1. It's fun to play pretend soldier.
      This is what happens when public policy is held hostage to a connected special interest group. Cops shouldn't be revered. They're public more than that. They're no better or no worse than a bureaucrat working in the Planning Department or the Public Works Department or anywhere else at City Hall. They put their lives on the line in the application of their jobs...but less than I do (construction). Probably less than a Public Works employee out on the streets.

    2. earthquakes, driving through small rubble